Provincial Court Jan 11, 2006 Judge Rounthwaite presiding

Anderson, Bernard  PS  operating vehicle or vessel while impaired; operating vehicle/vessel with over 80mg of alcohol; pled guilty; fined $800; license suspended for 1 year; count #2 stayed.

Bremer, Frankie - possess/use stolen credit card; was a no show; unendorsed warrant issued

Charlton, Sherry A. - possession for the purpose of trafficking - possession of a controlled substance; to reset trial date

Dagneau, Renneta D. - theft $5000 or under; must pay for property; 12 month suspended sentence.

Shelton, Philip L. - possession of stolen property over $5000; pled guilty; given 14 months

Provincial Court Jan 18, 2006 Judge Rounthwaite presiding

Bremer, Frankie - theft $5000 or under; no show; unendorsed warrant

Cote, Gerald J. - assault with weapon or causing harm; French interpreter for trial; 5 hours trial

Jamieson, Shawn - assault with a weapon; trial date to be set

Kellar, Dwayne D. - assault; 2 breach, 2 failure to appear; 25 hours community service; conditional sentence; 6 months probation; curfew Sunday to Thursday 8pm to 7am; Friday to Saturday 10pm to 7am

Leask, Kenneth A. - breach - theft $5000 or under; possession of stolen property under $5000; given 6 months; less time served

Millar, Jason T B - breach; assault; theft $5000 or under - adjourned to Jan 25/06

Wallace, Shane A. - charges stayed

Sweet, Justin A. - adjourned to Feb 1/06

Provincial Court Jan 25, 2006 Judge Rounthwaite presiding

Cardwell, Simon R. - assault; adjourned to Feb 8/06

Joseph, Beverly R. - fishing charges goes to Feb 1/06

McCarthy, Michael E. - fear of injury/damage; 1 year peace bond

Johnson, Michael J. - breach; assault; mischief; Breaking & entry; no show; warrant unendorsed issued

Clark, Kimberly L S - breach; possession for the purpose of trafficking; to appear Feb 8/06 by video

Eastham, John R. - fear of injury; damage to property; 9 month peace bond

Ferrier, David C. - adjourned to Feb 15/06 by video

Holland, Daniel H. - assault; 1 hour trial

McRae, Tracy - theft $5000; adj Feb 1/06

Miller, Jason TB - breach; assault; theft $5000 or under ; adj to Feb 15/06.

Priess, Doris J. - possess counterfeit money; fine $100

Provencher, Ronald RJ - breach possess/use stolen credit card fraud; no show; warrant

Timothy, Charles P. - fishing charges; fined $300

Timothy, Leon A. - fishing charges fined $300