Provincial Court Dec 3, 2003  Judge Libby presiding:

Schartner, Yolanda R. Counts of conspiracy, production of a controlled substance, possession for the purpose of trafficking and theft over $5,000. Ms.Schartner's counsel and the crown attorney agreed that eight days would be required for a trial. Judge Libby asked them: "Do you have any idea how hard it is to get eight consecutive days for a trial?" He asked the attorneys to try to get some 'housekeeping' done between now and December 17 to see if the time required could be shortened, at which time the issue would be addressed once more. These cases have been in the system for 126 days.

Bidiuk, Stephan G. The following trial dates have been set. Two counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking - four hours on January 14, 2004. Three counts of breach of undertaking - two hours on January 7, 2004. Charges of wilful obstruction of a peace officer and breach of undertaking were adjourned to January 14, 2004.

Hackett, Curtis C. Two charges of assault. The accused asked for another adjournment, since he was unrepresented but Judge Libby said: "There will be no more adjournments. I'm sending you out (to the court office) to get your trial date and I am setting aside two hours for the hearing." The judge read out numerous dates when the accused had been in court since July and said he had more than enough time to obtain counsel. This case has been in the court system for 139 days.

Harding, Mark A. Charges of breach of undertaking, being unlawfully in a dwelling house, assault with a weapon and assault causing bodily harm. The judge noted the accused's non-appearance and adjourned the hearing until December 17, at which time a bench warrant would probably be issued.

McLean, David B. Pleaded guilty to a charge of theft of $5,000 or under. Sentencing will be on January 14, 2004.

Quinney, Danielle. Was granted an application to change a condition of her probation.

Robinson, Theresa A. Pleaded not guilty to charges of assault and assault with a weapon, but is prepared to enter into a peace bond. Placed under $100 peace bond for one year. The accused was given a conditional discharge on a charge of mischief of $5,000 or under but must keep the peace for three months and pay $50 to the RCMP. Two charges of willful obstruction of a police officer were stayed. Ms. Robinson was admonished by the judge to have no contact with the complainants and if she saw them in a public place it was her obligation " to turn around and go the other way."

Fraser, Robert S. Two charges of breach of probation and one charge of failure to appear, adjourned to December 17.

Shelton, Philip L. In custody due to a breach of his probation order, and also pleaded guilty to the theft of a bicycle. The crown attorney asked for time served (5 days) to be a sufficient sentence but the obviously irate judge at first disagreed. He said the accused had been given a choice, a shorter jail term or a longer period of probation, and had chosen the probation. Mr. Shelton had asked to be let out into the community and said he was going to straighten out his act. Upon hearing submissions from both counsel the judge finally
agreed to a sentence of one day for the bicycle theft and time served for the breach. "But don't breach again, you'll serve the rest of the time in jail; there won't be any explanation that is good enough," Judge Libby told the accused.

Merrick, Christopher D. Charged with operating a motor vehicle while disqualified. Adjourned to January 7, 2004.