Provincial Court Nov 19, 2003  Judge Libby presiding:

Devaney, Rodney A. Three driving/impaired charges. Adjourned to Jan 14/2004.

Fitzpatrick, John M. Two driving/impaired charges. This case was returned to Kamloops for processing.

Hackett, Curtis C. Two assault charges; adjourned to November 26 and December 3 respectively. Mr. Hackett was told by Judge Libby: My admonition to you is the same as before - be here and ready, with or without counsel.

Holland, Daniel H. Charged with mischief of or under $5,000. Adjourned to November 26.

McCurrie, Colin J. Two driving/impaired charges. Adjourned to November 26.

McLean, David B. Charged with theft of $5,000 or under. Adjourned to December 3.

Ridley, Kenneth D. Five charges relating to weapons and breach of probation. Counsel asked for time to put together a package of collateral material to use in her clients defense, but the judge wanted to know the reason more time was needed, since the charges were essentially the same as she remember them from several weeks ago. He did accede to her request, adjourning the case to January 7, 2004 "Hopefully for disposition at that time."

Fraser, Robert S. Three charges of breach and failure to appear. A two hour trial date will be set.

Paul, Godfrey. Five charges relating to fishing offenses, including making false statements to a fisheries officer. A Three hour trial date will be set.

Shelton, Lisa A. Charges of break and enter. Four hours will be set aside for a trial.