Provincial Court Nov 5, 2003  Judge Libby presiding:

Hackett, Curtis C. Two charges of assault. Mr. Hacket's counsel relayed a message from his client that he couldn't make it to answer the charges because the water was too rough for him to get away from Cortez that day. Judge Libby responded: "Pass along this message (to your client). Regardless of how rough the water may be I expect him here at 9.30 am tomorrow."

Petersen, Timothy J. Pleaded guilty to possession for the purpose of trafficking and possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose. Mr. Petersen's counsel noted that his client was, in effect, a $12 an hour caretaker whose crimes had come to light during a confrontation with some accusers, who may have been trying to get him out of the competition. He further noted that Mr. Petersen suffers from acute depression. Judge Libby said that a substantial fine would be impractical in one sense, considering the accused's income. Nevertheless, he felt a need to impress upon the community that 2,600 gr. (of marijuana) is serious and warranted more than a tap on the wrist. He gave Mr. Petersen a choice between a fine of $1,200 payable at $100 per month, or a period of time under house arrest. Mr. Petersen chose the fine. He must not possess any firearms for 10 years.

Zohner, Randall D. Charged with assault; adjourned to December 4.