Provincial Court Oct 22, 2003  Judge Libby presiding:

Lloyd C. Connors. Three charges of dangerous driving causing bodily harm were reduced to driving without due care. Pleaded guilty and fined $100.00, to be paid by December 31, 2003. This case has been in the court system for 231 days.

Adam Cote. Four charges related to dangerous/impaired operation of a motor vehicle and driving while prohibited, and flight from a peace officer. Crown Attorney Tully-Barr said the accused had an "unenviable' driving record and pointed out this was the second impaired charge in three years. Judge Libby imposed a conditional sentence of four months and a 'house arrest' from 7pm to 6 am, 40 hours community work service and a two year driving suspension. The judge noted that " the superintendent of motor vehicles may be a little harsher (than myself) since you were under suspension at the time of the offense." He told the accused he had jeopardized his own life as well as that of the police officer, and now there is a mark on the record it could mean from four to six months in jail for a similar offense. The judge added: "If you have a driving license, turn it in today."

Rodney R. Leask. Trial dates will be set for charges of breach of probation and two charges of robbery.

Keith R. McNicol. A trial date of November 26 had been set for charges of assault and uttering threats, but charges were stayed since the complainant could not be reached.

Kenneth D. Ridley. Two charges of breach of probation and two charges of possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose were adjourned.

Philip L. Shelton. Sentenced to one day each, concurrent, for fraudulently obtaining food, beverage and accommodation and theft under $5,000; conditional sentence order of one year for breaking, entering, and committing.

Steven A. Shelton. Trial date set for November 26 on a charge of driving while prohibited/license suspended.

Aaron K. Tanti. Charges of assault and breach of probation. A charge of supplying liquor to a minor was stayed. Crown Attorney noted that the accused has a previous record but not of violence, mainly narcotics charges. He is also undergoing counseling for couples. Fined $75 on the assault charge, and 30 hours community service for the breach.

Curtis C. Hackett. Did not appear to answer to two charges of assault, and a bench warrant was issued. He was brought in after the recess and his case adjourned to November 5. Judge Libby warned that: "These charges are getting long in the tooth now (97 days) and if you are going to be late again, you had better phone."

Kevin C. Moore. Charged with possession of stolen property under $5,000. Mr. Moore was advised to speak to duty counsel and two and a half hours will be set aside for a trial, date to be set.

Mark Scheifele. Two charges of operating a vehicle/vessel while impaired. Fined $600, to be paid by April 30, 2004, and a one year driving suspension, subject to the supervisor of motor vehicle licenses.