Provincial Court Aug 20, 2003  Judge Lazar  presiding:

Bidiuk, Stephan G. In custody on numerous illegal substance and firearms offenses, possession of stolen property, obstruction of a police officer and criminal harassment. The federal crown attorney said he was opposed to bail 'not strongly but somewhat strongly' due to actions of the accused. It appeared that when Mr. Bidiuk was previously on bail he had complied with conditions until sometime in June, when he stopped reporting to police. In July, in a nine hour stand off on Texada Island, the accused had uttered threats to police.

Mr. Bidiuk's counsel said that his client had been in custody since July 3 and was not a danger to the community. He noted that it was difficult for Mr. Bidiuk to report on a regular basis to police on Texada Island, since RCMP officers may not be in the station during the day. There were numerous occasions when the accused had left notes at the station, saying he had tried to report. As for the stand-off, and the unfortunate matter of the positive urine sample, Mr. Bidiuk was under a great deal of stress at the time, feeling that the police were on a vendetta against him. The accused needs to get home to manage his business, he has bills to pay and some Texada residents depend upon him for equipment and motor vehicles. He is prepared to undergo a limited form of house arrest but he does need to get to Powell River to carry on his salvage business. He will also provide urine samples on a weekly basis, if requested.

Judge Lazar said she was prepared to 'give it one more try' and reinstated the $25,000 bail. Speaking to the person who is standing surety for the bail the judge emphasized the legal obligations which must be met. "You do not have to physically restrain Mr. Bidiuk if you feel he is in violation, you simply have to notify the court that he is breach of the conditions, and that you render him. Otherwise, the government will come after you for the $25,000."

Bail provisions are for the accused to report weekly to a bail supervisor in Powell River, attend drug counseling and meet a 9.30 pm - 7.30 am curfew. "You must present yourself at the door whenever they (RCMP) request."

There will be an arraignment hearing on September 17 on both federal and provincial charges.

French, Christopher W. Pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of child pornography. Sentence will be imposed after pre-sentence report, including a sexual assessment. This case has been in the system for 749 days.

Naylor, Loretta J. Four hours will be set aside for a trial, date to be set, on three charges relating to impaired driving. These charges have been in the system for 539 days.

Poulin, Kelly B. Two hours will be set aside for a trial, date to be set, on an assault charge.

Ridley, Kenneth D. Crown Counsel does not oppose Mr. Ridley's application to change the conditions of his probation order, namely, that he be allowed to go to his home. Application was granted.

Devaney, Rodney A. Charged with vehicle and impaired offenses. Adjourned to September 3. This case has been in the system for 118 days.