Provincial Court Aug 6 & 7, 2003  Judge Hubbard presiding:

Bidiuk, Stephan G. - Numerous charges related to drug and firearms offences, breaches and obstruction. Mr. Bidiuk needs time to consult with his new counsel, so all matters are adjourned until August 20.

Shelton, Lisa A. - Two charges relating to theft and possession of stolen property. Set for trial on August 13.

Irwin, Robert C. - In custody. Seven charges relating to assault, uttering threats and breach of recognizance. Warrants were issued for two witnesses and the complainant, neither of whom appeared at the morning session. After lunch, both witnesses appeared and were asked by the judge: "What happened to you this morning?" The trial was adjourned to August 27 and the accused was released on a $1,000 bond on his own recognizance.The judge reminded witnesses that they were technically in custody and released them under the same conditions, warning them to be sure to appear on the 27th. Crown attorney assured the judge that the complainant would also appear on that date.

Leask, Rodney R. - Charged with breach of probation and robbery. Accused was to have appeared to set a date for trial; the charges have been in the system for 904 and 238 days respectively. James Garrett-Rempel, acting for the Crown on the federal charge (robbery) opposed counsels request to stand down, noting that the matters should have been tried long before and that the accused has squandered numerous court appearances and public resources. Judge Hubbard stood the matter down until the end of the session, at which time he issued a warrant.

Naylor, Loretta. - Two charges of vehicle/impaired offences. Adjourned to August 20.

Poulin, Kelly B. - Charged with assault. Adjourned to August 20.