Note from webmaster: Per courtwatch trackers as of May 23, 2004 there has been very little happening in the courts. The courtwatcher's have been going in at 9:30 on court day and are out by 10AM. In addition there has been another ban on publication. We will be sure to update the site when there is something to report that we are not banned from reporting.

Provincial Court Mar 24, 2004  Judge Libby presiding:

Hackett, Curtis C. - assault. This has been before the court a long time. Was a no show - adjourned to Apr 14/04

Hall, Kevin A. - production of a controlled substance - set for 1 day trial ?

McCurrie, Colin J. - operating vehicle/vessel with over 80mg of alcohol, operating vehicle or vessel while impaired - adjourned to Apr 14/04

Peers, Christopher - theft $5000 or under. Breaking & Entering & committing - was a no show. Court told he was stuck in camp. Adjourned to Apr 7/04.