Provincial Court Feb 26, 2003  Judge Tweedale presiding:

Fisher, Robin J. - charged with six breach of undertakings two assaults - goes to Mar 19, 2003

Fraser, Robert S. - two counts of theft $5000 - or under, was a no show - warrant granted.

Fredlund, Neville W. - charged with operating vehicle/vessel while impaired - pled guilty - fined $600 - 1 year license suspension

Lacelle, Joel A. - charge was failure or refusal to provide sample. Pled not guilty - it goes over to Mar 12, 2003. Driving while prohibited/ license suspended , pled guilty - fined $300 and 7 days. Victims surcharge was waived.

Ladret, Matthew C. - by video - there were nine various charges, dealt with two. 45 days for one and 10 days for another to run concurrently. It was my understanding the Crown wanted probation and ano go to Powell River. The Judge would not do either.

Smith, Jason R. - I understand two counts were stayed, was given 10 months on the others.

Taylor, Nathan D. charged with possession for trafficking in controlled substance - was a no show warrant granted.

Bannick, Tyrone M. - operating vehicle/vessel while impaired, operating vehicle/vessel with over 80 mg of alcohol - pled guilty - fined $700 - 1 year suspension of license. Judge asked the accused if that was fair? Victims surcharge $50