Provincial Court Feb 6, 2003  Judge Rae presiding:

August, Jesse T. In custody and appeared by video link. Pleaded guilty to counts of breaking and entering, breach of probation order, theft of $5,000 or under (2) arson damaging property and arson in relation to inhabited property and assault (2). Crown Counsel John Sinclair told the court the accused had a criminal record and asked for a sentence of two years plus one day, which would be served in a federal prison. The accused's lawyer, Ms. McCausland, said that her client had been raised by grandparents who had been able to feed and clothe Mr. August but there had been no money for extras, and the lack of material comforts when he was a child led to his present circumstances. He has also had some work experience, working in 1999 and again in 2002. He would also like to get an education, perhaps take some first aid courses. Judge Rae sentenced the accused to two years plus a day.

Baldini, Philip. Charged with mischief and assault causing bodily harm. Adjourned to February 12.

Cote, Joel T. Charged with assault. Adjourned to February 12.

French, Christopher. Charged with possession of child pornography. This case has been within the justice system for 554 days. Three hours was set aside on March 6 for a trial, which may not go ahead due to some questions concerning a search warrant.

Hansen, Marvel. Pleaded guilty to assault. To be sentenced on March 19.

Irwin, Robert C. Pleaded guilty to two charges of fear of injury and damage to property. Crown Counsel asked for a $500 peace bond and the accused to have no contact with the complainant. Also pleaded guilty to breaking and entering with intent. Crown Counsel said the accused had convictions in youth court going back to 1994 of break and enter and assault, and has a heroin addiction. He asked for a sentence of 18 months, and since the accused has been in custody for five months, this time would be considered doubled, therefore leaving eight months to be served. Charges of sexual assault, confinement, and uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm were stayed. Judge Rae sentenced the accused to 12 months, which would mean two more months in jail.

Mann, Kamal D. In custody and appeared by video link. Pleaded guilty to charges of breach of undertaking, (2) and uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm. He is also charged with assault and breaking and entering and committing. Crown Attorney John Sinclair told the court the accused has a criminal record and might not be the worst criminal in Powell River but there are several acquaintances here willing to help him (evade the law). He also referred to a difficult relationship the accused has with his father, currently in India, and noted that he would be in touch with the father to give him the telephone number where he (Mr. Sinclair) could be reached, and with instructions to call collect. The accused's lawyer, James Garrett-Rempel, told the court his client was spoiled by his father when he was growing up, there was little discipline and he never had to look for work. For 18 months he had the use of a company car and when this was taken away it was hard for his client. Crown Counsel asked for seven, fourteen and thirty days respectively for the breach and uttering charges, to be served concurrently. Four hours will be set aside for each of the two trials, and trial confirmation hearing will be on February 12.

Kjernisted, Leonard P. Charged with operating a vehicle or vessel while impaired, failure or refusal to provide a sample and willful obstruction of a police officer. Did not appear and an unendorsed warrant was issued. ( An unendorsed warrant means that police will pick up the accused and hold him until Crown Counsel tells them what to do with him.)